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Carroll County Tennessee - Harris - Tait DMR Trunking Network

Carroll County is located in the state of Tennessee, USA. Covering an area of over 600 square miles, it has a population of over 28,000 people. The fire department consists of 170 volunteer firemen in 12 stations, while the Sheriff’s office has 23 sworn deputies. The agencies handle fire, traffic and emergency calls across the largely rural county.

The solution was a 5 site 800 MHz DMR Tier 3 network using the TP and TM9300 Series terminals. The result...

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Tait's TP9300 Series DMR Digital Radio

TP9300 Radio Linup

The Toughest Portables in the Industry

The TP9300 is built for rugged conditions. Your people need a radio that won't fail them, no matter what the environment. Every Tait Portable is proven to meet Military Standards 810C, D, E, F, and G. It is IP67 water proof and can survive countless drops onto concrete.

We've also run over our radio with a tank, dropped it 100 meters, washed it on heavy duty in a dishwasher, and more. The radio survived, and you can see these tests for yourself at our Tait Tough website.


MODUCOM UltraCom 911 / Radio Console Solution

Beyond NG9-1-1, the ModUcom UltraCom IP system supports interfaces to any combination of analog radio, P25 digital radio, analog E911 CAMA trunks, analog Administrative phone lines, digital NG9-1-1 and digital VoIP Administrative phone lines. It presents these resources to the dispatcher/call-taker using one, seamless user interface. All controls are intuitive and labeled clearly for ease of use during critical operations when every second counts. All aspects of the user interface are customizable to fit the diverse needs of each dispatch center.

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